Our Work

We open doors to international companies and persons

We are globally connected on a high level. We bring our local networks into play in order to help Copenhagen approach international companies.
Amongst other, this has resulted in the opening of Cisco’s Internet of Everything R&D center in Copenhagen, closer collaboration between Chinese City Chengdu and Copenhagen, as well as brought a number of opportunities to the city.

We speak and act on behalf of Copenhagen

As Goodwill Ambassadors of Copenhagen, we are carefully selected based on our high-levelposition and our global network. These criteria allow us to engage in dialogue with decision makers around the world and represent Copenhagen on behalf of local authorities. This ability has helped Copenhagen attract several conventions and puts the city in the forefront when decisions are made.

We develop projects

With a strong affiliation towards Copenhagen, we have a great interest in bringing value to our city capital. Therefore, the Goodwill Ambassadors occasionally initiate projects that help the city on an international level. One of the most important results that we have contributed to, is the Copenhagen Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps. A network of international students that, besides marketing Copenhagen as a career study destination, also contributes to the city’s international talent pool.

We promote Copenhagen internationally

We put Copenhagen on the world map. Through social media and our strong high-level network, we promote Copenhagen’s values and achievements internationally. This has resulted in several of international media appearances, such as CNBC series on ‘Innovation Cities’ and CNN’s Future Cities in Copenhagen.

We apply our global knowledge to Copenhagen

As global Danes, we have an international perspective on Copenhagen and it is of our great interest to create the best possible terms for the city. This is why each year; the Goodwill Ambassadors invites the national media and local decision makers to participate in a discussion on how we are able to improve our position on the global market.